Thursday, October 27, 2011

Unconventional Food Storage

My Mom lives in a normal sized city, not the country, but in the back of her yard, she has a chicken coop and some chickens (which are allowed by the city).  I think of this as an unconventional method of food storage.  Kind of like gardening, but taking it up a notch.

What are some other types of unconventional food storage?  Do you have chickens or other animals? Have you ever considered getting them? 

I have to admit that while I'd like some chicken some day, what I really dream about is having a little goat. Goat milk anyone?


The Harried Homemaker said...

We are in the process of building a chicken run around our garden and are going to get chicks in the spring. The chicken moat we're building ( http://theharriedhomemakerpreps.blogspot.com/2011/10/great-chicken-moat-build.html ) will help reduce pests in our garden, plus we'll get eggs, meat, and a source of fertilizer. Can't beat that! This is definitely part of our food storage/preparedness plans.

I've thought about goats, too, but they are a much larger time commitment. Chickens are much lower in maintenance.

Audra said...

We have chickens... 10 in fact. Not only are they good food storage in a non-traditional sense they are also fun and reaching my 4 year old a lot about responsibility.

One thing to think of is if you are planning on having chickens (or any animal) is to make sure that you are thinking out food storage for them too... We have a friend who farms and when they spill grain he calls us and we go gather it and keep it in large garbage pails in case we need it for our chickens.

Grace said...

Chickens are illegal where I am now. Chicken advocates have been fighting the good fight, but it doesn't look like anything is about to change around here in my particular part of suburban Atlanta. The minute I make my move to our rural house I plan to get chickens. It just makes so much sense. They provide valuable protein in their eggs, meat, and stock. They also provide wonderful fertilizer for growing other kinds of food. I can't think of a better bartering item if it comes to that. To me, keeping chickens is a no-brainer.

I am completely on board with the dairy goat idea, as well, and I expect that they will figure prominently in my future, too.

Misty said...

I would LOVE to have chickens! I've got friends & family that do and not only do they provide food storage, but education and a work ethic for kids!

Layne said...

I have both chickens and dairy goats, and love every minute of it, except for watering in the winter.

If I lived in the city I would become a full-time urban goat advocate. I see no reason why people should be permitted to keep dogs but not goats.

Penny Jean said...

I used to live where I could have chickens and goats and loved it so much. They were all my babies. We got 3 gallons of milk a day from my girls and gathered eggs. It was work but fun. I shared the extra milk and what was excess the chickens drank. But... goats get into everything and are not picky about what they eat. They are very smart and can get into so much mischeif it will amaze you. If you do ot control what they eat (no weeds, etc) their milk will become distasteful. I miss this though. I always knew we had eggs and milk which when things are lean is a blessing to say the least. Now I live in town and this is not allowed. Trying to change the bi-law around chickens here. Just reminissing....Good idea though.