Thursday, January 20, 2011

Innovative Camping Products (article review)

Topeak Bikamper One-Person Bicycling Tent
I don't know about you, but whenever I see a web page or news article about camping products, I get a little bit excited to read it.  Not because of my love of camping (I actually don't really love it), but I am always interested in new and interesting ideas when it comes to camping.... you know, for emergency preparedness purposes.  And I'm always looking for things that will make my camping experience a bit easier and a bit more like home.

I came across this article a few weeks ago on the Camping Tourist website and wanted to share it with you today.  Some things seems a bit over the top, but others are pretty good ideas and there is at least one thing I'm thinking I want for my 72-hour kits.  Plus it's just fun to see what people are coming up with these days!

Click on over to the full article to see pictures and read more about them, but I just want to touch on them below.  The links below take you to Amazon so you can read specific reviews and get price information.

1. The bikamper (shown above): Basically, a tent that uses your bike frame to hold it up.  Looks interesting, especially if you love biking and camping.  Hence the name, bikamper (bike + camper).

2. The selk'bag.  The only way I can really describe this is to say that it's a sleeping bag "outfit" - a sleeping bag with arms and legs.  According to the article, it also doubles as a mattress.  They even come in kids' sizes and a variety of colors!

3. The cocoon.  I couldn't find this on Amazon but picture a tear-drop shaped tent hanging from a tree branch.  And you sleep in it sitting up!  Worth a look, just because it's pretty interesting looking....

4.  Solar powered tent.  I couldn't find anything like it on Amazon, but this is interesting.  This tent has LED lights inside, plus it can charge batteries.  It's too bad Amazon doesn't apparently sell these, because I'm curious about how well it would work and what people would think of this.  It's a great concept!

5. Stronghold camping tent.  Basically, an igloo-looking tent.... you know, for all those times you may find yourself stranded in Antarctica (literally, that's what it's for - places like the Himalayas and Antarctica).  At $3k, these are a bit out of my budget (plus I don't see myself going on a frigid expedition any time soon...)

6. Symbium3 Quechua backpack.  I can't find this on Amazon either so I don't know the price, but it's an aluminum-support backpack that apparently doesn't put any stress on your back.  Looks like it would be an awesome carrier for your 72-hour kits; however, it's pretty cool looking so I would guess it's pretty pricey.

7. Respite - a tent/hammock mix.  Could be comfy.

8. Pocket shower.  Wouldn't it be great to be able to shower even if you were stuck in the middle of nowhere??  There are lots of options on Amazon for something like this.  Does anyone have one that they recommend?

9.  Coleman Rendezvous stove.  Basically a sophisticated camping stove, but to be honest I'm not very well-versed in camping stoves, so you'd have to decide for yourself if it's fancy.  And that brings me to a question... can "sophisticated" and "camping" really be in the same sentence??

10.  DirecTV's Satgo.  Because camping shouldn't stop you from missing that episode of American Idol... haha.

Do any of you have any experience with any of these items?  Do you own (or know of) any other innovative camping ideas that could be used for emergency prep?

(image from Amazon.com)


Anonymous said...

Tried to go to the site, but link was broken. Will do a bit more checking into it as my family likes to bike. Thanks!