Thursday, January 13, 2011

2011 Food Storage Goals (Abbie)

The past year I've been busy growing something other than food storage. Maybe many of you can sympathize with me that when I'm pregnant, I lose focus on a lot of goals and just try to survive. So now that I am out of the pregnancy-induced daze, I'm ready to jump back into life, especially into food storage! And there's no better time than the new year.

Here are my food storage/emergency preparedness goals for this year:

1. Go through and "revitalize" the following:
  • Car kit
  • 72 hour kits
  • 3 month supply menu plan
Not only do they need some TLC (i.e. major restocking), I also need to add baby supplies/foods to each of them to allow for our growing family.

2. Eat up current food storage

Like Hannah, I'm *hopefully* moving this summer and I've decided to follow her plan and eat up our food storage (especially our 3 month supply). I will try to save the grocery money I would have spent and restock our food storage when we move. I am planning on saving and moving a lot of our long term supply (beans and wheat that has been canned and is good for 30+ years) but I'd like to eat through our three month supply and several bags of wheat I've got stashed in my guest room closet. To help with this goal, I have mini goals:

  • Make bread often (eat only homemade bread)
  • Keep ground wheat flour in freezer for any cooking/baking
  • Eat the pantry and freezers clean
  • Make a 3 Month Supply Menu plan and grocery list (catered to our family) so that when we move into our new home I'll know exactly what to buy
  • Buy as much of our food storage as budget allows when we move into our new home
That's basically it, not too daunting (I hope). I plan to blog along as I accomplish these tasks, although I'm a little embarrassed at the state of my car kit.

Here's to a New Year and new goals!


kdonat said...

What a precious addition to your family. God's blessings on you all. RE: your move to Florida, most homes do not have basements so food storage is definitely a project in creativity.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Your baby is gorgeous!
All the best with your restocking and baby supplies.:)

Unknown said...

Congratulations! Good luck on your goals. They seem reasonable, and really important.

Carla said...

Oh, such a precious baby...
I'm glad you're out of your pregnancy haze. I wanted to mention that beans do NOT last 30 years. I believed this, also until I put those stored beans to the test. After pressure cooking, and all day cooking, the beans just wouldn't absorb the water and soften. There are a few hundred pounds of dried beans in our city dump.

Yvonne Fraraccio said...

Congratulations!!! She is such a beautiful baby!!! Remember what Cindy Lerch taught us about old beans. She said that those beans are too hard to cook as regular beans, but she made a delicious Pinto Bean Pie out of them. As I recall, they tasted just like Pecan Pie. Her Pinto Bean Pie is delicious!!! I haven't made one yet because I haven't ran across any hard old beans. Anyway, I just thought that would save on being wasteful because it is a terrible feeling to put all that time and money into something that you have to throw into the garbage.