Thursday, June 2, 2011

Calling all gardeners!

Get excited, because next week is our Gardening Series here on the blog.  We have some great guest posts lined up, written by some of our fabulous fellow food storage bloggers (there are lots of them out there!).  You aren't going to want to miss it, so stay tuned.

We also plan to post an article next week full of gardening tips.... from you!  So please, if you have any gardening tips, tricks, or secrets, email us at safelygatheredin (at) gmail.com.  Please keep tips to a few sentences each, and send as many as you'd like!  Tips can range from how to start your garden, what to put in the soil, what to plant, etc.  We'd also love tips about cooking with and/or preserving your harvest.  I don't know about you but I can use all the advice I can get!

So, send 'em in and look forward to all things gardening next week!


Anonymous said...

I love the New Square Foot Gardening. You can grow a huge crop in 20% of the space of traditional gardens, and you use a special soil called Mel's Mix that is perfect for plants to grow in. There are few weeds to worry about with this method, and you can grow food in three different seasons. You can reuse the soil and frames from year to year.

There is also a technique called "wintering over" where you plant seeds in soil in 1 gallon milk jugs (with a small flap cut in a top quarter of the jug for easier planting). You set the jugs outside in the cold (even when it's snowing) and when the seed has grown to a few leaves above-ground, they can be transplanted to their designated garden spot. Because the seeds grew in adverse conditions, the plants will grow in cooler temperatures of late winter.

Square Foot Gardening also has a method for growing food in the cold months.

Anonymous said...

I was told a tip today that I haven't heard before, take one row of paper matches from a match book and plant it along side the roots of pepper plants and you will have great success with your peppers Preppers! I am going to try it.