Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A "Preparedness" Wish List

We published this article last November, and want to share it again with you as the holidays rapidly approach!

In past years
, whenever my husband/parents/in-laws asked me what I wanted for Christmas/birthday/anniversary, my mind went blank. Well, this year I know exactly what I'm asking for - food storage and emergency preparedness items!

We have compiled a Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness "Wish List". These are things that you may want to consider purchasing for yourself (or spouse, parents, children) this year, or you can mention these items when someone asks what you want!

We've broken down the items by price, but of course many items range in prices, so some things may be listed under two prices. If you aren't sure what some of these items are, just Google them and they're pretty explanatory.

Also, on the left side of the page, we've added an "Amazon Favorites" link. Click on it! There, you can see more than 25 recommended products based on what we currently own, or based on great online reviews. Many of them qualify for free shipping.

*Note: these prices listed below are based on quick online research. Shopping around or buying used will help you find the best deal on any of these items.

Under $20
Small first aid kits
Flashlights for the whole family
Jumper cables
Fuel for your camp stoves or grills
water storage containers
spices and herbs
work gloves
seeds for the garden
bottles/jars for canning

$20 - 50
Water purifiers
good-quality sleeping bag
jumper cables
Dutch oven
Solar-powered radio (or solar radio/flashlight combo)
Wheat grinder (very small, hand cranked - useful if you lose electricity!)

Ready-made 72-hour kits
Wheat grinder (small - hand cranked or automatics)
Pressure cooker (small)
55-gallon drum for water storage

Rotating shelf systems (small)
Wheat grinder (small electric)
Good quality electric or hand-crank wheat grinder
Pressure cooker (large)

Rotating shelf systems (small to large)
Good quality electric wheat grinder
Pressure cooker (huge)
Good quality, large solar oven

Generators (for information on these, read a Popular Mechanics article here)

You could also just ask for some actual food storage - #10 cans of wheat, rice, beans, oats, powdered milk, etc.... YUM! Besides Amazon, there are many companies you can browse through as you make your wish list (or as you make your gift giving list). Check out Survival Outpost, Food Storage Depot, and Shelf Reliance, just to name a few!

Any other gift ideas you can think of?? Share them with us!


Audra said...

When we got married we had several people ask if there was anything we needed as a wedding present- We asked for and got many food storage items. It was a great way to start out our preparedness!

Now we like to give as wedding gifts items that will help couples get started on their emergency kits. (flashlights, water purification, emergency blankets etc.)

Shane and Brandi said...

Last year I did birthday parties in a can. I put a cake mix, powered eggs, muffin tin papers, candles, hard tack candy, matches, and streamers and sealed them in #10 cans for each member of the family that we were giving to. It was something fun and different!

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Small House said...

Would you mind if I shared your 72 hours kit list with the women in my ward (church)? I'd like to do what you've done here, and we add something to our kits every week.
Please let me know.


Prynncess _Leia said...

Although this particular blog has been around for a yr now, I just learned of a new product that sounds like a great idea (esp for those who face hurricanes, which I don't, but I think it's a great idea for everyone). The product is called Aqua Pod & is a large plastic bag you fill in the tub. Instead of having emergency water open & exposed in your tub, it's stored in a bag in your tub. It reportedly holds up to 65 gal! The initial kit (incl siphon & screw-on thingy) & refills are avail. @ www.aquapodkit.com