Saturday, May 30, 2009

A few more Q & A's

Hand Sanitizer is great to have in the car, but I have trouble with bottles melting or exploding in warmer temperatures especially over 100 outside (inside the car is way over that). Any suggestions on how to keep that from happening?

I'll admit, I've never heard of that happening - maybe some of our readers can help us out and leave some comments!  My only suggestion would be to maybe empty out some of the sanitizer so that the bottles aren't completely full (maybe it's expanding too much??), and put the bottle in a plastic baggie to protect your other things, just in case.  Any other tips?

Hi, can you suggest a type/brand of pocket knife? How much should I spend? Also, what is the purpose of the pocket knife in the car kit, versus scissors or something similar?

Scissors are probably just as handy to have in the car.  I've seen lots of emergency kits that include pocket knives, though, so I figured it would be a good idea to have one in the car.  Pocket knives could come in handy for a number of reasons - cutting something, fixing something with the screwdriver part, etc.  You shouldn't have to spend much.  Right now, our kit just has one of those little cheap ones that was lying around our house.  I've added an Amazon link on the right side of the page so that you can see what's out there.  There are lots of different prices to choose from.

Did you rotate your food storage this week?  I made pancakes this week, and added fresh berries on top since I'm rotating and don't need to use ALL food storage, like I would in an emergency.  And, of course, I forgot to take a picture with the berries....

What did you make this week?  Blog about it and add a direct link in the comments!


Mickelmonkey Mama said...

I've had a problem with my hand sanitizer in the car overflowing. But I have found that the FOAMING hand sanitizer does not do this and is much more fun to keep in the car.

Carolyn said...

I made Taco Soup. This is an old post but I use it often to rotate my stock.


A Place To Dream said...

I keep hand sanitizer on my key chain. then refill it from a larger bottle I keep at home. I found the key chain bottle at Target near the che checkouts. Another thing you can do is keep hand sanitizing whipes in your car

Anonymous said...

I carry a small travel size sanitizer in my purse rather than leave it in the car because of this. The foaming sanitizer sounds like a good idea too.

I suggest Swiss Army Knives. I've carried one for close to 20 yrs now, my husband gave it to me as a gift. I have one small enough to carry on my key ring. Also, if it ever gets damaged, they will replace it for free. My husband's was damaged. He mailed it in & they sent him a new one. The side has cracked on mine but I use it so much I haven't been able to do without it to send it in for a replacement. LOL Jen

Shreela said...

Jen's idea is good; I'd also recommend a leatherman/multitool. I carry the full-sized leatherman in my purse, but they also have smaller versions for keychains. I've used the knife in my leatherman quite a few times, but I've also used the tools in it, maybe more than the knife.

The only reason I'd carry just a knife is for self-defense reasons, but there's a knife on the leatherman/multitool/swiss army knife, and many of the other tools on those could stand in as a weapon if needed.

Anonymous said...

I'm with anon - I keep my hand sanitizer in my purse. I keep wet wipes in the car in my glove compartment. As for what I was cooking this week, here's a pic: http://twitpic.com/6jafe Here's my pork roast and roasted parmesan potatoes that my solar oven cooked while I was away Sunday. I just threw stuff in the pans & let it go. I am a-lovin' my solar oven!