Thursday, August 7, 2008

How to Rotate Food: The Two-Column Method

Please hang in with me on the pictures, I'm on vacation and had to raid my mother-in-law's pantry for the "photo shoot." Please pretend that all of these items are the same.

So we can all get on the same page, we have six boxes of "pasta." Obviously the number of items and the type would depend on you and your needs. I would probably not do this method with pasta because we have so many boxes on hand, but for items of which you need 6-10 total, this would be a great method.

I put them in two columns. Earliest expiration dates in the righthand column. When I need a box of pasta I will take it from the right hand column, first box first. Notice there are only two boxes on the righthand side. That's because I made Mac and Cheese for dinner. Hypothetically speaking of course.

One box left.

When the right hand column is empty, I move the lefthand column into the right hand column spot, and restock into the lefthand column.

Then we begin all over again. This way, items are rotated in the order in which they came in, and it's also easy to tell how many you have on hand.

Other Rotation Methods


Marie said...

Wow, I just looked through your food storage recipes--it's going to take awhile to look at everything, but thanks for letting me know that you're here!
I have linked to a few recipes on my blog, including a couple that include beans--I have been trying to learn how to cook things that my family will eat using the dry beans in my storage, so I look forward to any and all information that you'll be adding about beans.
Thanks again,