Thursday, March 1, 2012

Southern Gardening Update

Hannah is planting a raised-bed garden in Florida - follow along with her if you are in a similar climate!

My husband and I finally filled our 4x4 raised bed with a mixture of soil, vermiculite, and compost last weekend.  It looks great - I'd post a picture but it's been raining ever since!  Plus, we covered it with a tarp for now so that it doesn't get covered with leaves (we seem to be finishing up the Fall season here......been raking a lot lately!).

We also plotted out what we will be growing.  We have 16 square feet to work with.  We'll be doing two squares of Roma tomatoes (one plant in each square) 2 squares of cherry tomatoes (one plant in each), one square of beefsteak tomatoes (one plant) (can you tell we love tomatoes??).  We'll also be doing two squares of red peppers, two of salad lettuce, one of carrots, one of green onions, one watermelon, two strawberries, and one canteloupe.  I think that leaves one left, and we are still trying to decide what to put there.  Any suggestions??

What are you planting this year? 


Grace said...

Hmmm. How about a summer squash? Or would that run all over the other squares?

The Harried Homemaker said...

If I read your post correctly, you have only one 4x4 bed. You're planning on growing a lot for one square foot gardening bed! Each tomato plant in our SFG is given 4 squares' worth of space (so 4 per 4x4 foot box) and they completely fill in the space. We had one monster tomato that took over an entire 16 square foot box. The poor beets and onions we had planted in the same box never had a chance.

Valerie Z said...

Basil near your tomatoes... its a companion plant!

Anonymous said...

Yard long beans they are like green beans but grow up a pole. Pick them when they are 6-8 inches long.

Rita in VA

Kate said...

Hannah, I am a master gardner and I can tell you it is too hot in FL now to grow carrots adn lettuce. Wait unitl next November 1st and then put in the carrots and lettuce. They can grow all winter in FL. I grow them most of the winter here in GA.

Anonymous said...

As a Master Gardener AND a sfg I can tell you you can grow tomatoes in one foot! You have to prune the suckers. But there are many on the forum that grow them.