Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Food Storage Tuesday

Every Tuesday, we post specific items you should gather in order to supplement your emergency car kit, your 3-month supply, and your longer-term storage. If you are new to our blog, don't worry! You won't be left behind. Just start up where we are and follow along. You will eventually have everything completed! Once the car kit is complete, we'll be putting together 72-hour kits again (week by week). Once those are done, we'll gather the car kits again. So don't worry, just jump on in and join us where we are today!

This week for your car kits, add a bottle of water per seat in your car.  That way, if your car is full of people, each person will still get water if they want/need it.  In the past, we've gotten comments and questions about the safety of keeping plastic water bottles in the car, especially in the heat.  People are concerned about toxins from the plastic getting into the water.  For me personally, if there was an emergency and I needed water, I would rather have some water with the possibility of a few toxins, rather than no water at all.  However, does someone have a suggestion for another way to store water in your car, outside of the plastic water bottles?  I'm sure many of our readers (and I) would be interested in a safer alternative.  One thing you can do is rotate your water regularly (once every couple of weeks or so), especially during the summer or if you live in a warmer climate.

How is your three-month supply coming along?  Don't forget to rotate, and keep your master list updated.  Many people like to keep a physical pen-and-paper list in their pantry; others keep a spreadsheet on their computers with all their food listed there.  Do whatever works for you, and whatever is easiest for you to update regularly.

We are still gathering rice this month for the longer-term storage.

We have a great week ahead on the blog.  We recently has some crazy snow here in the South, so Abbie and I will be sharing our experiences with that.  Also, we have a really awesome review and giveaway coming up in the next week or two.  CSN Stores contacted us and we are very excited to be working with them!  We'll be doing a product review, and then giving something away to one lucky reader.... so stay tuned for that!  CSN Stores sells all kinds of great things, including cookware, barstools, and neat modern furniture.  We are really looking forward trying out some of their products, and sharing them with you.

Hope you all have a good week... don't forget to add those water bottles to your car kits!


Anonymous said...

For vehicle water storage, store it inside the vehicle out of the sun, the trunk gets way too hot or if you are storing in the trunk use a small insulated bag and wrap in your emergency blanket, store under the seats of the least used seats again in a soft insulated bag, just be sure it isn't in the sun. This keeps the water much safer for a longer period of time.

Anonymous said...

How about reusable stainless steel bottles for the car kits? I've found them on sale at Walgreens 2 for $10. Most come with a belt clip and can be used for walking/sports too.