Wednesday, November 11, 2009


“The best place to have some food set aside is within our homes, together with a little money in savings. The best welfare program is our own welfare program."    -President Gordon B. Hinckley

Hannah is a wife to a doctor (well, intern!) and has two little girls.  She grew up in New Hampshire, so living in the warm (and mostly snow-less) South has been a big adjustment for her.

Hannah graduated from BYU in 2006 with a degree in Family Sciences, and would love to go back to school someday to get a Masters in Human Resources.  In her spare time (what's that??) she loves to read and quilt.

Hannah also has a real passion for college football, and bleeds BYU blue.

Abbie, or Abs as she is known in the blogging world, is a mom to two girly-girls, wife to medical student and wildlife-loving Mountain Man, and part-time seamstress.  Although is it considered work if you love it?

While food storage is a struggle for Abs, she's found it much easier with the support of this blog and its readers.  Get ready to see more healthy recipes as Abs makes the journey back to school to become a registered dietitian.

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About this site
In the beginning we were just two friends who moaned and groaned to each other about the need to have food storage but didn't know where to start, and once started, how not to get discouraged.  We started this blog to encourage ourselves to learn more about food storage and emergency preparedness and to be accountable to each other, and to our readers for our progress. Neither one of us has much time, money or space, but we are learning to make food storage and emergency preparedness a priority.  We are not experts, but we invite you along on our journey.

This is how the blog works:

Monday - A little reminder about why this project is so important and, basically, give us all a little push to succeed.
Tuesday - We will give you "assignments" as to what you should set aside that week for your three-month supply, as well as one or two items to put in your car emergency box or 72-hour kit. Sometimes you will already have these things in your home, and other times you will have to purchase them.
Wednesday & Thursday - We'll be posting tutorials, and we'll also be writing series of articles on different topics.
Friday - Food Storage Friday! We will share recipes for meals you can make using food storage items only!
Saturday - Roundup - We love to read blogs about frugal living and food storage, and we'll share links to our favorite things we read during the previous week.

To learn more about the religious reasons for food storage, click here.


Franz said...

hello there!
I am a fellow LDS lady from Italy, although I live in the UK. Great blog! nice info! Keep up the great work. I have just written a book about self-reliance, so I can help my non member friends to understand more about it without feeling I am preaching to them. Thanks for all your great tutorials!

Paula D. said...

I used to get your emails all the time and then they suddenly stopped. I love your sight and inspiration. It's really a blessing. I really hope everything is okay.

Mila Wijaya said...

I love this blog. It is very inspiring and helpful. I just recently called to be a food storage assistant in my ward. I love all the tips and ideas you share. I will use lots of ideas from this blog. Thank you for sharing. With your permission I would love to share this blog with all the sisters in my ward. Thank you.