Wednesday, November 11, 2009

72-hour kits

72-hour kits are essential.  You should have a 72-hour kit for each person in your home, and if possible, one for your pet(s).  Kits include basic necessities that you would need to survive for 72 hours - food, clothing, medications, and other emergency-related things like blankets, flashlights, and matches.  For a complete list of items needed, check out our 72-hour kit list over on our "free printables" page.

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Anonymous said...

I like all details that you provide in your articles.
dried food

Sue Hegarty said...

I like how you have everything laid out and for me you really have all the bases covered. I am a big proponent of using family home evening to create and maintain our 72 hour kits because it gets the entire family involved. Also doing it on a budget (a little at a time) helps us stay out of debt.