Thursday, January 1, 2009

Thank You, 2008!

First things first... yesterday we started a giveaway, so be sure to check out the post and leave a comment if you want to enter to win!
2008 was a great year
for us!  We have loved doing this blog, and we have really enjoyed getting to know our readers and helping you succeed with your food storage and emergency preparedness.

Many of you are new to our blog, but even if you aren't, you may have missed some of our best posts from 2008.  Here's a list (in no particular order) of our most popular articles of 2008 here at "Safely Gathered In":

How to Plan Your Three-Month Supply - whether you are new to food storage or not, this is a GREAT place to start reading!

How to Make a Cardboard Box Oven - a fabulous resource for emergency preparedness

How to Make DELICIOUS Bread using Food Storage Items ONLY! (this is the bread pictured on the left column of our blog page)

How to Grind Wheat - step-by-step pictures

In fact, check out our "How To" page with all of our step-by-step tutorials like food preservation, survival, recipes, and other basics.

Food Storage With Food Allergies - we had a great gluten-free series by a guest poster, which was a big hit!  We also have a handful of gluten-free recipes in our archives.

Our Free Printables have been very popular and helpful for many people

Frugal Food Storage-Fifteen Years Later - a follow-up of an Ensign article written in 1993 (written especially for our blog!)

New to our blog?  Here's an article that will tell you a bit about us and what we do.

And finally, it seems that our recipes are what really set our blog apart.  Click here to view all of our delicious meals that use non-perishable foods only!  You can search alphabetically, or by food storage ingredient.  Our favorites include the English Muffins, Chicken Salad, Pantry Pancakes, and Cool Couscous w/ Fruit and Nuts.

2008 was also a great year for many of YOU!  We asked for your pictures and you sent them!  Here are some of our favorite submissions:

Congrats, everyone!


Melonie said...

I just have to say THANK YOU for this blog, and for posting the pix folks sent in. These are so inspiring! I'm rebuilding my pantry from the move so once I get things a little more situated I'll make sure to post pictures to share. For now I'll living vicariously through you all while I get re-organized. :-) Hopefully by the end of next week it'll all be "good to go".

S'mee said...

Hey Hannah! S'mee here from knotinthestring.blogspot.com Thanks for the comment on my blog! I am excited to find another blog on self reliance and food storage. I blog every Tuesday about those subjects and I am currently in a year long plan to gather food storage for two people.

Anywho, if you are interested, the series is called "Do One Thing" and is one the right side bar archives.

See you soon!

Tulsi said...

Thanks for the comment!! I can't wait until I have non interrupted time to search through all of your research!! This is great to have so much to look at and see what works for us.

Unknown said...

Your food storage is so impressive. Your blog keeps us motivated. Thank you. We are trying hard and will get to the finish line.

Heatherlyn said...

Thanks for the recap on what you thought some of the most meaningful posts are!

Troop 1309 said...

Thank you for posting the photos! This blog has really jump started my food storage. What I like is how easy you make it, easy shopping lists, etc. It can be very over whelming to start.