Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Longer-Term Food Storage - how do you store it?

Many people have asked us for the best way to store longer-term storage. There is no one "best way", but I'll share some preferred methods that we have.

You can use #10 cans. This is optimal for longer-term storage - it will stay good for years and years, and it's easy to transfer. You can order food already in #10 cans from LDS Catalog (prices include shipping). If you live near a cannery, you can go there and can up your own rice, and that's cheaper, but not everyone has this option.  My mother-in-law's stake owns 4 canners that people can "check out" and use in their own homes.  Check out our post on how to can your own food in #10 cans.

Another option for storage is in foil pouches. To read more about foil pouch storage, click here.

Finally, longer-term foods can also be stored in buckets. I know many people who keep their bags of rice, wheat, etc. in sealed 5-gallon buckets. Just be sure that the top is on tightly to keep rodents and bugs out. To read more about storage in buckets, click here.

Good luck with your longer-term storage!


Anonymous said...

I store my rice sealed in mylar bags, which are then sealed in 5 gallon buckets.

Karen said...

Does anyone know how long rice will keep in the pantry? I bought a 25 lb. bag at Costco and have used half of it in 3 months. If it'll keep for a couple of years, can I just buy 2 more bags and rotate them? I have a bunch of the #10 cans in my garage, but that rice doesn't taste as good.

Anonymous said...

I read that brown rice only keeps for 6 months until it starts going bad. I'm new to storing rice so I can't verify that. White rice keeps much longer I believe.

Amy said...

I'm not quite sure where to post questions on your blog, so I guess this is as good as any other place.
I was just wondering if you knew what advantages there were between using lids that snap on or twist on for the 5 gallon buckets. Other than the huge price difference between the two kinds of lids and the fact that you save your knuckles if you choose one over the other, do both kinds provide the same storage security and shelf life?
Thanks, Amy

Someone You Know said...

Hannah, Abs and Everyone Else,

Alan T. Hagan wrote an excellent "book' called Prudent Food Storage: Questions and Answers. It is free on the web at


Mr. Hagan answers some of the "how long?" questions.

And don't forget Vicki Tate's "7 Mistakes of Food Storage" at


Ms. Tate anwsers why Karen should get rid of the rice in those cans or eat the rice in those cans.

Stofam said...

Thank You for giving me your site to share! Its perfect and gos along with what our RS has been trying to focus on all year long.

Anonymous said...

My family loves rice, jasmine rice that is. I have found that if you buy the lined 25 lb. bags of jasmine rice which is usually minimally processed you don't need to can it as long as it is out of the light and in a cool, dry area. Do not buy the jasmine rice that is sold at Sams Club. The bag does not allow the rice to keep its natural nutty flavor because it has no inner lining. I keep a 25 lb. bag of rice in my pantry and just make sure it is secured with a clamp. I have had no incident with bugs or any kind. I also store sweet glutinous rice with the same success. Buying rice through an Asian market will get you the best tasting and freshest rice as their turn over is very high compared to a normal grocery store. Basmati rice also stores very well. If you don't plan on using it in the next year, I would can it in the #10 cans.

Anonymous said...

I store all my large pantry items (rice, flour, sugar) in the 5 gallon buckets with the Gamma Lock lids. I LOVE the Gamma Lock lids. They are air/water tight and easy to use. The snap on lids are much more difficult.

We also bought buckets with Gamma Lock lids for our 72 hour kit. One bucket/person to include everything we need to survive if we have to leave our home.

mensajes claro said...

Hi diane , Most of the people love rice i love it too.

katadyn pocket water filter said...

I had also store rice bag at my pantry with a clamp on the bag so that moisture does' not spoil it, till date no problem all is good.