Saturday, July 12, 2008

Weekly Roundup - 7/7 - 7/12

Kate over at Kate's Kitchen wrote a GREAT article about a Living Pantry and what that means.

Just a reminder at The Obsessive Shopper that having a food storage includes more than just food. Unless you want to stink for 3 months!

A few tips straight from my life:

*Looking for more storage ideas? Clear out your clutter! Go through your house and giveaway or toss the things you don't use! In a fit of domesticity display the other day, I cleaned out our glass cupboard. I put all the baby bottles into storage, since she is passed that stage, and tossed the sippy cups that leaked. After straightening and organizing the rest, I had a whole SHELF empty that I immediately filled with food! So go tackle some closets and cupboards and see if you can make room for food storage.

*Don't know how much sugar/flour/etc you would use for three months? The next time you open a new package of whatever, mark down on your calender the day you opened it and the size of the package. When it's empty go back and see how long it took your family to use it up. That should give you a better idea of how much of those basic items to store.