Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Longer-term Storage

Besides having a three-month supply of everyday food, you should also have a one-year supply of basics: oats, rice, wheat, and beans, for example.  Stored properly, each of these foods has a 20-30 year shelf life!

These basics can be stored in #10 cans, mylar bags, and/or 5 gallon buckets.  For more information about storage, read our blog post about how to store longer-term food storage items.

Check out this food storage calculator to determine how much food your family needs.

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Besides these 4 basic foods, there are a few other things that I like to have a large supply of.  I'm not necessarily aiming for a year's worth (not until I have the basics done, anyway), but I certainly like to have more than three months' worth.  These "extras" include:

white sugar
powdered milk
bouillon cubes
white flour

Everything in the above list (except for the honey) can be stored in #10 cans, mylar bags, and/or buckets - the same way you store your basics. (Note: if you are canning up your own white sugar, do not include an oxygen packet.  If you do, your sugar will become rock hard!) 


Anonymous said...

Does yeast last in mylar bag & oxy packet storage? I've read where it will last and where it won't last, what's your results with yeast?

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