Thursday, April 12, 2012

Northern Garden update

While Hannah already has plants growing in her garden down south, up here in the north things are moving a bit more slowly.

Our apartment complex has a great feature in a community garden. Anyone who is interested in gardening can sign up for a plot for have for the growing season. Just last week we were assigned our garden plot.
I wish I would have remembered to take a before picture but here's our after. We spent probably two hours weeding and turning over the garden with shovels. It was definitely not as easy as using a tiller!  Mountain Man isn't convinced that we don't need to till it still since the clumps are so big and hard to break down, but I do think we've made some progress.

These are the other plots next to ours, so you can kind of get a before idea.  Each light colored stick signals a different plot.

All the area behind the fences are garden plots. Although we live in a city, the apartment complex is set back next to a county park so there's quite a bit of wildlife.  There are all fences surrounding each garden area (there are three different gardens) and small rabbit fence surrounding each plot.  Since this is our first garden here, I'm interested/scared to see what damage the critters will do.

Next up: plan the plants, and wait for the freeze warnings to stop.

Anyone else up north getting ready to gear up and garden?